Dev Polymers

Dev Polymers is mfg. of HDPE/PP Woven Fabric & Bags, BOPP Multicolour Bags since 2006.

We are equipped with a very good and suitable infrastructure to produce PP Woven based products. we have the most modern plant & machineries under one roof to convert PP granules to tapes, fabric, printing, extrusion lamination & bag making.

Within this span of nearly one and half decades we were able to attain a very good reputation in both domestic & international market in connection to quality concern.

Mfg. Exporter of HDPE/PP Woven Fabric & Bags, BOPP Multicolour Bags

Industries We Serve


  • Salt Industries

    Salt Industries

  • Sugar Industries

    Sugar Industries

  • Agriculture Industries

    Agriculture Industries

  • Fertilizer Industries

    Fertilizer Industries

  • Cement Industries

    Cement Industries

  • Chemical Industries

    Chemical Industries

  • Food Industries

    Food Industries

  • Minerals Industries

    Minerals Industries